Jaffa Dreams: Orange hot chocolate recipe

Jun 10, 2024 | News

How to make jaffa hot chocolate

It’s warm, it’s sweet, it’s the perfect winter treat! 
For those who love a bit of choc-orange delight, the Choc Orange Coffee Syrup by Alchemy Cordial Company is for you! From hot chocolates and coffees to milkshakes and desserts, this versatile syrup can add a jaffa twist to anything your tastebuds desire…

Here’s the perfect combo to make a decadent orange hot chocolate:

🥛 Your favourite dairy milk or alternative milk
Combine to suit your taste, and enjoy!
Not a jaffa fan or keen to get creative with other flavours? We stock a huge range of Alchemy coffee and dessert syrups. Why not try your hand at a turkish delight hot chocolate, a gingerbread coffee, or a decadent butterscotch sauce?
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