MILKLAB Milks: Made for coffee

Jun 25, 2023 | News

MilkLab coconut milk - available in our online store based in Adelaide

Spotlight: MILKLAB Milk

Dairy and alternative milk delivered across Adelaide

Elevate your coffee game with MILKLAB’s perfectly crafted milk options

“MILKLAB began in 2015 when we offered our first range-solution of premium alternative milks to the hospitality industry. Our goal was then, and still is now, to elevate the café coffee experience for baristas and consumers alike with a range of high performance, barista milks.”


Looking for a dairy milk or alternative milk that actually makes a decent coffee? MilkLAB to the rescue! Their premium range of alternative, dairy, and lactose-free milks are not only delicious but also make a positive impact on the world. Say hello to a creamy, satisfying coffee companion that won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth (literally or figuratively!).

About the company

MilkLAB is on a mission to revolutionize the way we enjoy our milk. Founded by a passionate team in Melbourne, the company is driven by the desire to provide a dairy-free milk alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality. The founders recognized the need for a plant-based milk that could meet the demands of discerning consumers while also addressing environmental concerns.

Their journey began with extensive research and experimentation to develop the perfect recipes. They sourced the finest ingredients and carefully crafted blends that deliver exceptional flavour and a creamy texture. The result? MilkLAB’s amazing range of dairy alternatives that are free from artificial additives and bursting with goodness. They’ve also now expanded to offer premium dairy milk and lactose-free options.

Their range

Their dairy-free alternative milk range includes almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, macadamia milk, and coconut milk. They also offer a full cream dairy milk and a lactose free milk.

Why it’s the good stuff

  • Wide Variety: MilkLAB offers an impressive range of plant-based milk alternatives and dairy milks, catering to every preference and dietary need. They’ve perfected the art of creating creamy, flavorful blends that will leave you wanting more.
  • Quality Ingredients: They take pride in using high-quality ingredients sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers. They believe in the power of natural goodness and ensure that each bottle of milk is filled with the finest ingredients, free from artificial flavours or preservatives.
  • Utterly Delicious: Say goodbye to bland, watery milk alternatives. MilkLAB’s creations offer a smooth, rich taste that rivals traditional dairy milk. They’re all made in conjunction with baristas, to deliver high performance, texturing and stretching with a creamy mouthfeel to complement espresso coffee.
  • Planet-Friendly: By choosing MilkLAB (and us!), you’re making an eco-conscious decision. They strive to help the planet by using renewable energy, ethical sourcing, and recyclable packaging. (They installed 10,000 solar panels at their Shepparton production plant, contributing 20% of the site’s total usage. It’s the largest installation of its kind in Victoria, and one of the largest in all of Australia!)
  • Australian owned & made: their products are locally made in Shepparton, VIC and Ingleburn, NSW and they always aim to source within Australia before looking offshore.
  • Perfect for all: MilkLAB’s range of dairy alternatives isn’t just for those with dietary restrictions. It’s for anyone who appreciates great taste and wants to explore new flavours. Whether you’re vegan, lactose-intolerant, or simply curious, MilkLAB’s products are the perfect companions for your culinary escapades.

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