Great Australian Gingerbread Co Gingerbread People (24 pack)


Australia’s favourite gingerbread people, a yum treat for you or the kids!

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Great Australian Gingerbread Co Gingerbread People (24 pack)

Dive into the delicious world of the Great Australian Gingerbread Co, proudly baked in sunny South Australia! Crafting iconic gingerbread biscuits for decades, these little gingerbread folks are a timeless treat for gingerbread enthusiasts. Embrace the leisurely pace of these tasty characters – they might be slow, but trust us, the flavor sprint is worth it! Now available for delivery straight to your door, experience the joy of South Australian sweetness delivered right to you. Elevate your snacking game with these gingerbread delights that proudly carry the delightful taste of tradition.


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