250g SOHO DECAF Blend


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Coffee Beans - Soho Coffee – Decaffeinated Blend

Sip, savour, and stay up late without the caffeine jitters with our locally roasted decaf coffee beans, crafted right here in Adelaide. Whether it's a peaceful morning brew or a late-night TV date while the little ones snooze, Soho's decaf blend is your go-to for flavour and fun without the buzz. We've got your back for those cozy moments at "your place," where every cup is a taste of home. Soho's decaf - because sometimes, it's all about the bean, not the buzz!

Located in the heart of Adelaide CBD, Soho coffee have continued pleasing South Australian coffee lovers since moving their operation from Hindmarsh to the Adelaide City. Coffee is best enjoyed fresh and sourcing your beans from a local roaster is absolutely the best way to go.

Product Details:

  • 100% Colombia Excelso
  • Tastes like: Dark chocolate & a hint of orange zest
  • Best stored in a dark, cool, dry place


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