300 ml Alchemy UNSWEETENED Turmeric Elixir


Australian made premium plant-based syrups. Get creative with your hot beverages or lift your dessert game!

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300 ml Alchemy UNSWEETENED Golden Turmeric Elixir

The benefits of Turmeric can now be enjoyed by all. Add Unsweetened Golden Turmeric to your favourite milk or alternate milk base and enjoy a brew full of flavour and turmeric goodness that any barista would be happy to serve!

Dairy-free drinkers will be delighted to try the combination of MILKLAB Coconut Milk and Alchemy Turmeric, a match made in heaven!

Product Details:

  • 300ml Syrup (20 serves)
  • Store in a dark, dry cool place
  • Attach a pump for quick and clean dispensing
  • Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
  • Made in Australia


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