330ml JUN Tea – Ginger & Lemon

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A locally produced fermented beverage that your gut will love you for!

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Booch Bros - Jun Tea - Ginger & Lemon

Please note: this is a REFRIGERATED product and must be stored cold

A classic flavour pair, ginger and lemon bring a powerful zing to the bubbly Jun Tea base. Refreshingly satisfying, this beverage is a well kept secret.

Wait is it Kombucha you say? Nope! Jun Tea is like Kombucha's close cousin. It is fermented using a SCOBY, however Jun Tea is crafted from Green Tea and Honey, rather than Black Tea and Sugar like traditional kombucha. Not only are the Booch Bros a couple of local Adelaide gents, they source their honey from their family business which is also right here in Adelaide. How local can it get!?


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