750 ml Alchemy Golden Turmeric Elixir


Australian made premium plant-based syrups. Get creative with your hot beverages or lift your dessert game!

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750 ml Alchemy Golden Turmeric Elixir

The benefits of Turmeric can now be enjoyed by all. Add Golden Turmeric to your favourite milk or alternate milk base and enjoy a brew full of flavour and turmeric goodness that any barista would be happy to serve!

Dairy-free drinkers will be delighted to try the combination of MILKLAB Coconut Milk and Alchemy Turmeric, a match made in heaven!

Don’t forget to pick up a suitable pump for from our accessories range…

Product Details:

  • 750ml Syrup (50 serves)
  • Store in a dark, dry cool place
  • Attach a pump for quick and clean dispensing
  • Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
  • Made in Australia


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