Alchemy Matcha Elixir


Australian made premium plant-based syrups. Get creative with your hot beverages or lift your dessert game!

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Alchemy - Matcha Elixir (750ml)

The Matcha Latte served with Alchemy's Matcha Elixir is pleasing mainstream Matcha drinkers by combining authentic Japanese Matcha and their unique ability to produce high quality plant based elixirs.

A well designed combination of flavours to introduce you to the world of Matcha, while still preserving the magic of the tea itself. An authentic blend of 100% premium Japanese Matcha sourced from growers in Kyoto,Shizuoka and Mie regions.

Don’t forget to pick up a suitable pump for from our accessories range…

Product Details:

  • 750ml Syrup (50 serves)
  • Store in a dark, dry cool place
  • Attach a pump for quick and clean dispensing
  • Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
  • Made in Australia


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