Bobby Vanilla Cola Prebiotic Soft Drink

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Bobby - Vanilla Cola Prebiotic Soft Drink

Indulge in the genius creation of Bobby – Vanilla Cola, a meticulously crafted elixir hailing from the heart of Melbourne. This 100% Australian-made marvel embodies Bobby's commitment to excellence. Immerse yourself in the exquisite fusion of classic cola and velvety vanilla, a symphony of flavours that caresses the palate. Bobby's Vanilla Cola is not merely a beverage; it's a pre-biotic marvel, thoughtfully designed for your well-being. With low sugar, low calories, and no preservatives or artificial flavours, it's a guilt-free pleasure. Housed in infinitely recyclable aluminium cans, Bobby's creation is as eco-friendly as it is delicious. Raise a glass to Bobby – where innovation meets flavour, and every sip is a masterpiece.


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