Cafetto MFC Blue Line Milk Cleaner

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Designed to keep your equipment performing, for those serious about their brews.

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Cafetto - MFC Blue Line Milk Cleaner

Do you froth your milk at home or the office with a steam wand? Good! That mean's you're serous about your milk based coffee, like us! Did you know that milk residue will build up in your milk line if you do not purge your steam wand after every single use, and periodically clean the line? Apart from being straight up gross, this old milk residue can impact your machine's performance, seriously damage it, or in extreme cases destroy a boiler (aka - time to buy a whole new machine!). Cafetto MFC milk line cleaner is designed for those who want to maintain their machine and keep those lattes flowing for years!

How To - Clean your milk line:

  • Ensure the white cap is tightly sealed and slightly loosen the blue cap. Gently squeeze the bottle until reservoir measures 50ml, remove the blue cap and pour from reservoir
  • Add 50ml of MFC Blue to 1 litre of warm water in a cleaning container. Ensure you replace the blue cap and seal tightly after pouring the required dose
  • Insert milk frother suction tube into solution
  • Run entire solution through frother
  • Repeat above procedure with 1 litre of clean water to rinse all the components thoroughly
  • Do not mix with other chemicals


  • 1L MFC Blue Line Milk Cleaner

Safety Data Sheets are available


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