Crumble – Cocoa Dream Crème Wheels

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Crumble - Cocoa Dream Crème Wheels

Experience pure chocolate bliss with Crumble's revamped Classic Cocoa Biscuit Bar, now bigger and creamier. Indulge in every bite of these decadent treats, featuring two buttery chocolate biscuits filled with a luscious layer of luxurious chocolate creme. But it doesn't stop there - they enrobe this heavenly creation in a rich, smooth chocolate coating that will satisfy your deepest cocoa cravings. To add a delightful crunch and a touch of sophistication, they sprinkle the top with premium cacao nibs, elevating this treat to a true chocolate lover's paradise. Whether you're looking for an afternoon delight or a midnight snack, this lavish creation is the ultimate chocolatey escape.


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