Lemon Squash Somersault Soda

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Slow brewed, organic soda – Made right here in Aus!

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Lemon Squash - Somersault Soda

A slow brewed organic take on an all time favourite, and the team at Somersault Soda have nailed it. This brew is crisp, refreshing and hits the spot!

Pair this with a plant based burger from buds - you won’t regret it!

Somersault Soda have developed a range of 100% Australian made organic sodas and they are delicious! We’re super excited to be able to bring them to you right here in Adelaide. Oh and did we mention they are all vegan friendly, a great addition any home or workplace fridge!

Slow brewed and low sugar means the flavour of the ingredients can shine through. Seriously delicious!

Product Details:

  • Organic Soda
  • Store in a cool, dry , dark place


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