MilkLab Almond Milk

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This Dairy Free alternative is delicious and a favourite with many South Australian Baristas!

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MILKLAB - Almond Milk

MILKLAB Almond Milk has been the preference for many Adelaide Baristas for a long time. Non-dairy milk drinkers often light up when they see this delicious product in their favourite Adelaide Café, so why not have it at home too!?

This almond milk is designed to work with a range of coffee blends, and is an exceptional addition to any cup! MILKLAB have produced and exceptional range of lactose-free and dairy-free milk alternatives. If you want to raise the profile of your home brewed coffee, we’d suggest using locally roasted beans and combine them with a high quality product like this Almond milk.

Keeping it plant based? Nothing goes better with a morning brew that a cheeky vegan friendly snack from Wellness by Tess!

Product Details:

  • 1 litre longlife carton
  • Almond milk
  • Can be stored at room temperature until opened


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