MilkLab Oat Milk

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This Dairy Free Oat Milk is a great option for those looking to perfect their Dairy Free latter art skills at home or the office.

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MILKLAB OAT Milk is a new addition to the MILKLAB Dairy-free range. Non-dairy milk drinkers often light up when they see the distinguished MILKLAB logo on the shelves of their favourite Adelaide Café, so why not have it at home too!?

This OAT milk is designed to please baristas with its stretch and texturing performance, delivering a rich and creamy oat flavour. MILKLAB have produced and exceptional range of lactose-free and dairy-free milk alternatives. As the environmentally sustainable alternative milk of choice, Oat Milk is taking our coffee to the next level, and we can feel good about it too!

Product Details:

  • 1 litre longlife carton
  • Oat milk
  • Can be stored at room temperature until opened


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