Monastery Seasonal Dark Blend

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Premium South Australian Roasted Coffee

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Coffee Beans – Monastery Coffee– Seasonal Blend

Monastery Coffee, your go-to for premium, small-batch roasted coffee in sunny South Australia! We take coffee seriously but have fun while doing it. Our mission is simple: brewing up the best beans in town and supporting local suppliers in the most sustainable way possible. We source our coffee beans with care, ensuring a traceable supply chain, so you know exactly where your coffee love comes from. Join us on this aromatic adventure because, with Monastery, every cup is a sip of pure South Aussie goodness and a celebration of local flavour!

Monastery’s Seasonal blend is developed to be a lower acidity blend, with the traditional flavour profile in mind it is sure to please!

The blend is split in to equal parts:

  • Fazenda Progresso (Natural) - Brazil
  • Macizo Colombiano (Washed) - Colombia
  • Konga (Natural) - Ethiopia

Tastes like: Toasted almonds, black cherry and dark chocolate.

You no longer need to settle with the bulk roasted, mass produced products on the shelves of the giant super markets – up your coffee game at home or in the office with this blend. Check out our range of  Non-Dairy milks to see what best works for you too…


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