Naturally Driven Organic Grandma’s Garden Pyramid Tea Bags


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Naturally Driven - Organic Grandma's Garden Pyramid Tea Bags (18 pack)

Elevate your tea experience with our Yerba Mate Hibiscus, Rose & Calendula Tea Bags! Enjoy 18 ACO Organic certified bags filled with 100% Organic Fair Trade Yerba Mate, Hibiscus, Rose Petals, and Calendula Petals. Our commitment to eco-friendliness shines through with 100% compostable packaging and plant-based, "plastic free" tea bags. Unlike conventional options with hidden plastic, ours are 100% plant-based for guilt-free sipping. Let your health and the environment flourish with tea bags that break down naturally. Delight in every sip knowing our PLA sugar cane-based, GMO-free tea bags are your tasty ticket to a sustainable tea ritual.


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