Scull Kombucha Elderflower

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South Australian Kombucha made from the finest of ingredients!

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Scull Kombucha Elderflower

Please note: this is a REFRIGERATED product and must be stored cold

Made with old flowers, the eldest in fact...just kidding. Elderflowers are the flowers of the elderberry - bringing a floral balance to this kombucha and helping to dial back the acidity.

SCULL Kombucha is brewed in SA by real SA-liens. We just made that term up, catchy eh? Seriously though, SCULL is brewed in South Australia by South Australians who are on a mission to get everyone enjoying Kombucha.

If you've tried a 'booch (that's what us kombucha-converted call Kombucha) and decided you didn't like it because it tastes like vinegar or some other twangy nasti-ness - then you need to try SCULL! This stuff is specifically hand-crafted in small batches, using traditional techniques and carefully selected ingredients to get you to ditch the standard soft drink. Give it a go, you'll love it!


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