Scull Kombucha Schincha

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South Australian Kombucha made from the finest of ingredients!

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Scull Kombucha Schincha

Please note: this is a REFRIGERATED product and must be stored cold

Shincha is the name given to the very first tea leaves harvested in Japan after the long dormant period of winter. The team at SCULL use the Shincha to build this delightful kombucha, with a sightly sweet taste it's easy to drink.

SCULL Kombucha is brewed in SA by real SA-liens. We just made that term up, catchy eh? Seriously though, SCULL is brewed in South Australia by South Australians who are on a mission to get everyone enjoying Kombucha.

If you've tried a 'booch (that's what us kombucha-converted call Kombucha) and decided you didn't like it because it tastes like vinegar or some other twangy nasti-ness - then you need to try SCULL! This stuff is specifically hand-crafted in small batches, using traditional techniques and carefully selected ingredients to get you to ditch the standard soft drink. Give it a go, you'll love it!


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