The Juice Guys Orange Passionfruit Smoothie

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Fresh local juice with no rubbish, the way it should be!

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Orange & Passionfruit Smoothie – The Juice Guys

The fruit of passion! This smoothie is absolutely delightful, fresh passionfruit and OJ blended with a carefully selected mix of fruits results in a seriously tasty bev!

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie? Put simply, you squish the juice out of fruit to make a juice, but in a smoothie you blitz up and drink the whole fruit!

Fresh local juice with no rubbish! That’s no concentrates, no added sugars, no funky long words that we don’t understand!

The apple juice is apples, the orange juice is oranges- the way it should be!

The Juice Guys deliver a high quality range of juices blended here in the Adelaide Hills. Naturally vegan friendly and gluten free, their juices are cold pressed and then pasteurised in the bottle (glass and totally recyclable by the way!) to reduce the level of required heat treatment.

Oh and by the way, the heat treatment means these natural juices can be stored at room temperature, just chill them as you need!


  • Apple (51%)
  • Orange (21%)
  • Banana (19%)
  • Passionfruit (9%)
  • Vitamin C (300)


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